The Conversationalist – Parables

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Many time when Jesus spoke, he spoke in parables. Short stories using everyday situations so that we could better understand who He was, the nature of God and the kingdom of heaven. He did this through one on one conversations, talks within a small group and even large crowds. The parables in scripture speak to us as if we were having a one on one conversation with Jesus in real time. Use this series to unpack some of his most famous parables and the meaning behind them.


This project was in collaboration with Two Cities Church in Winston-Salem, NC.


• Video Only Package Includes:
    -Series Bumper V1 (with male voice) (1:01)
    -Series Bumper V2 (w/o male voice) (:27)
    -15 Minute Countdown


• Basic Package Includes:
    -“Video Only” Package Contents
    -All Graphics in JPG/PNG format


• Plus Package Includes:
    -All Basic Package Items
    -Editable Photoshop/After Effects files
    -Video Tutorial/Free Font Links


•  Graphics Only Package Includes:
    -All Exported Graphics/Blank Slides (JPGs, PNGs)
    -Editable Photoshop Files
    -Video Tutorial/Free Font Links
Verse:John 1:9-13
File Size:2.3Gb
Composer:Fey Foxx
Designer:Alex Watson

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