What Does The Bible Say About

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No matter how much you know about scriptures and the Bible, we all have questions about major topics in life. Politics, racism, death, divorce, homosexuality, sexual identity, family, money, war, end times, you name it. We have all wondered about these things and sometimes we are just too afraid or embarrassed to admit it. Let this series focus on some of the hot topics in society and culture. How does the church respond and how we should respond as Christians. This package is fully customizable with the PLUS package. Create a new bumper for each week of the series, ending the bumper on the topic for that day.
This project was in collaboration with Brandon Conn and Relevant Church in Locust Grove, GA

verse: Romans 12:2
length: :51, :27
file size: 1.4Gb
designer: Alex Watson

Available in Spanish

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