Custom Work

Do You Need A Series, But Can’t Find a Template?

You can hire us! We are happy to create a custom series for you. Here’s the skinny. 

Creating high-quality sermon series takes A LOT of work. We strive to tell a powerful story and pair that with stunning visuals. We can work with you directly at crafting the perfect design for your upcoming series. 

“What’s the Process?”

You can reach out to us via email. Give a brief explanation of what you are looking for and your timeline. We typically require at least 60 days notice in order for us to design a well-crafted series. We will lock in on the theme, language and style. Once those are agreed upon, Pixel Preacher will begin working on a design. Since we spend time honing in on the design style with you, we only create one design that we believe will be a winner. We will keep you updated on the progress for the graphic and also will send you small test animations to make sure we are on the right track. Once complete, we will package up the full series and ship it your way.

“What’s Included?”

We create a fully editable sermon series package just for you. The elements included are just like the ones found on our site. It will include:

  • Series Graphic
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Fullscreen and Lower Third Teaching Template
  • 15min Countdown
  • Video Bumper(0:40-1:00)
  • Font Links

**Additional request can result in a higher cost.**

“What’s The Cost?”

As mentioned, creating a sermon series package from scratch takes LOTS of work and time. But we can guarantee that the quality you receive is FAR cheaper than the industry standard for this type of work. 

Each series package is different so there isn’t one set price. A good ballpark is around $2000-$3500. 

Ownership Agreement

For the product we create, that is a great price! Here’s the reason we can offer that low of a price-point. Our agreement with all custom clients is that we, as Pixel Preacher, share ownership in the final product. That means that Pixel Preacher has the right to post this project to our site for other churches to purchase and download. We allow 30 days to lapse once we send you the editable project files. This gives you time to start the series and be the only one that has access. Once Pixel Preacher posts the project, we make sure that any and all logos are removed from the project and it’s designed to reach a broad audience. 

Not all projects may fall under this agreement. If you are doing a series that is specific for your church, such as a vision casting series or a building campaign, that is only specific to your church. This may result in a higher cost since it would be exclusive. We can discuss those details over email. 

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