Getting Started

What is Pixel Preacher?

Pixel Preacher is a collection of high quality church content created to elevate your church service. We mainly focus on sermon series design packages meant to fully equip you with everything you need to create a visually compelling and spiritually stirring  sermon series. Every package contains graphics, videos, teaching templates, and more. In a nutshell, we are here to make you look good.

How does the Unlimited Membership work?

We provide two options for purchasing our projects. One is A La Carte: pay as you go. The other is our Unlimited Membership. This is a yearly fee but gives you access to all of our projects for free. Anything on the site is free except for our Retitle Service, but you can receive 50% off. “But you said unlimited?” Yes, but this additional cost is to cover the contract labor for editing the files on our end. You are billed annually. Our goal for the Membership is to bring an affordable and predictable option to as many churches as possible.

What do I get with the Basic package?

This package is perfect for you if what you see on the project page is exactly what you need. No changes needed.

The Basic package contains all of the flattened files. What is a “flattened” file you ask? That means the series graphics, video, etc. are non-editable. This package includes the following:• Series Brand Graphic• Bumper Animation with embedded audio• Social Media Post• Blank Lower Third Name Slate• Blank Teaching Lower Third• Blank Full Screen Background

What do I get with the Plus package?

This package is great for those who need to customize the project a little and have dabbled in Adobe programs. With the help of included step-by-step video tutorial, you should have everything you need to make changes.

The Plus package includes everything in the Basic Package, plus the project files. This means you receive Adobe Photoshop, and After Effects files. You don’t like the series name or bumper content we chose, then you can make up your own…we won’t be too offended. Adobe Programs CS6 and above are needed to open these files. A Help file is included that contains links to download necessary fonts, links to helpful tutorials, and a link to the composer used in the project. We like to give credit where credit is due.

What do I get with the Retitle Service?

You love the series, but want to adjust some text, but have absolutely no idea how to edit, where to start nor have the time. We can help. When you purchase a Retitle Service to one of our projects, you will receive everything that is included in the Plus package, only with your custom text. Flattened Files and project files will be sent to you.

How does the Retitle Package work?

Once you select that you want a Retitle Service, we will work directly with you to meet your needs. We will receive your order and send you a form where you will input your edits. All of the text that you see in the brand and video bumper can be altered. However, the timing cannot change. Once we finalize your retitle needs we will create a Customized Plus Package just for you and have it to you within 7 days. If you need a series retitled in less than 7 days, a rush fee will be applied. Look at the Customer Agreement for details. If you need more custom work beyond the Retitle Service, we will do our best to help, but may require an additional charge.

What are the software requirements for these packages?

If you are downloading a Plus or Retitle package, Adobe CS6 and above would be required to open the project files. If you are just downloading the Basic package, or only plan to use the flattened files in your Retitle package, no software is required. Except a computer. You might need one of those.

What is a Lower Third?

This is an image that is used on the lower third of the screen. Hence the name. Do you project a camera feed of your pastor onto a screen? Do you show his name or teaching slides? If you have the right equipment, you can overlay a Lower Third onto the image to display teaching notes or name slates. There are blank Lower Thirds for you to import into Photoshop or other design programs and add your information. See this video on our tutorials page for more information.

How do I search a video?

Searching is easy. We suggest you search by topic. So if your church is doing a marriage series, you may want to use words like: “Love, Marriage, Relationships, Husband, Wife”. While all of our projects have lots of tags, keep it simple and we are sure you will find what you are looking for. You can also click on our topics located at the bottom of each page.


When will I receive my purchased package?

Upon purchase, you will receive an email within minutes that will contain a download link. Click that and the the download will begin automatically. You can also find a link under your account. The package will be contained in a ZIP file. Double-click that file to open and you’re all set! Maybe one day we can deliver it via drone…wouldn’t that be cool.

Can I distribute my purchased package to other churches?

Nope. If you know of another church that is in need of similar series packages, then please send them to our site. The Customer Agreement lays out all of the nitty gritty details associated with your purchase. Please follow them.

Can I share the files within our Church?

Yes! If you download a series package for your main services, but the High School ministry wants to do the series at the same time, then you can all share the same package.

There was a problem with my download, what do I do?

Uh oh. That’s not good. Throw your computer in the trash, maybe? No worries, contact us right away and we will help you get it sorted out. Please allow 6-10 hours for a response. We might be sleeping.


Where do I download fonts?

If you have downloaded a Plus or Retitle Package, then a Help File PDF will be included with the project. Open that PDF and there will be buttons that will direct you to where you can download the needed fonts. You will see 6 buttons, but not all of those will be active. Most projects will only need 2-4 fonts. If the project contains more than 6 fonts, there will be a separate PDF with more links. Contact us right away if you still seem to be missing a font.

How do I install font?

We have a video tutorial explaining this. Check it out here.

I need help with my purchased package, who do I talk to about this?

Contact us right away, we will do our best to answer your question. If it’s a question only the designer can answer, we will put you in direct contact with the them so you can resolve it together and cut out the middle man. You can also chat with us on our Chat Feature located in the bottom right of this screen. We are available most business hours EST.

Will the watermark go away on purchased videos?

Click your heels 3 times and spin around and they magically go away. Yes. All of your purchased files won’t contain any watermarks.

Do you offer a tutorial on how to edit the packages?

All projects contain a custom step-by-step video tutorial. This will be indicated on the product page. We also have an extensive tutorials page to help you with editing your project.

Can I post my purchased package on our website?

Sorry, no. The Customer Agreement does not allow redistribution of our series packages.

Can we use these files as promotion material?

Yes! You are welcome to post the flattened files on social media or create any print media such as mailers, invites, and billboards. Any form of television or radio Broadcast is not allowed.

But I need another file format, what do I do?

Contact us and let us know what you need, we will do our best to help you, although we can’t guarantee we can meet your needs, but we will give it our best shot.

My project contains “Pre-Rendered” files. What does that mean?

Some projects may have been created with different programs such as Cinema 4D, etc. Certain elements may have been exported from those programs and imported into After Effects. Why? Because there are certain programs that can create stunning looks that After Effects isn’t capable of. Another reason would be that a third-party plugin such as Trapcode Particular was used to create a certain effect. We don’t expect you to have these plugins so we render out the effect so that it will play even if you don’t have the plugin. Editing capabilities will be limited with these files.

It says I am missing a plugin, what does that mean?

If the product page indicated that third-party plugins were required, you will need them. However, the majority of our projects do not require plugins. If you bought a project that doesn’t require plugins but are still getting an error, just ignore it, the plugin is still active in case it’s needed by those who own that plugin, but the the pre-rendered file is included as well. So just hit ok and continue. Still have an issue, contact us and let us know.


What types of payments do you accept?

Currently, we are accepting payments through Stripe. Through Stripe you can use any type of credit card or bank account. You may also send us gift baskets.

I’m not happy with my purchase, can I request a refund?

We doubt you will be, but we want to be sure you are completely happy. Before you request a refund, lets see if we can solve the problem first. Refunds will not be given based on aesthetics. The look, length, style, etc. is clearly portrayed on the product page.

How do I apply a Promo Code?

You can apply a promo code once you view your cart and begin processing your purchase.

Get Involved

I’m a designer and I am interested in partnering with Pixel Preacher, how do I get involved?

Fantastic! The more the merrier. Email us at info@pixelpreacher.net and we will start the conversation. Keep in mind that we are looking for top-quality work and not all submissions will be accepted. We are looking for work that rises above the current market. If you think you qualify, let us know!


Can I change my password?

There are all sorts of goodies in My Accounts page. You’ll be to change your password there.

What is my username?

When you first register, your username will default to your email address, but don’t panic! You can edit this in My Accounts page under Account Details!

Why do I need to create an account?

There are lots of reasons, mainly to give you a central place to view all of your downloads, recent orders, and important account details. Plus it is necessary for a fluid transition with Stripe.


How can I contact you?

Email us directly at info@pixelpreacher.net That is the quickest and easiest way to reach us. You can also chat with us by clicking the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner. We are there most business days EST. If not, we will get your message and reply back as soon as possible.

Do you create custom series?

We most certainly do! You can email us details and we can provide you a quote!  info@pixelpreacher.net 

If we feel your project is something others could benefit from, we may offer to create your series at a discounted rate, so that we may post it on our site once complete. Prices vary depending on timeline, complexity, etc.

I need more from Pixel Preacher. What else ya got?

We totally understand. If this is the case, you definitely need to join our Facebook Group. We share inspiration, provide feedback, post tutorials and more! Hop in now!

How do I report a problem?

Email us directly at info@pixelpreacher.net. If its a life-threatening emergency, call 911. We aren’t doctors.