Terms and Conditions

Customer Purchase Agreement

As an individual, company, or organization purchasing content from Pixel Preacher (hereinafter a “Customer”), you agree to adhere to the following licensing agreements and restrictions:


Only the Customer purchasing this project (including all of the project’s related assets, hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Project”) may use it. The Customer may use the Project on multiple occasions and, if the Customer is an organization or company, may share it between different ministries and/or branches within the organization or company. The Project may not be given to, distributed among, or otherwise shared with (for free or for a charge) any other company or organization (including churches and non-profits). You retain the right to use the final exported elements (e.g., JPEGs, movie files) online or through print media as promotional material. Pixel Preacher is not responsible for the use of other copyrighted material that was not included in the original Project. The Project may not be offered for online download beyond the company or organization purchasing the Project. The Project may not be used in any form of broadcasting (e.g., local or national television stations). The Project is not licensed for broadcast television due to the included audio within The Project so broadcasting with the original audio is prohibited. Broadcast is allowed under the condition that the audio included is not used in any way. You may include other audio in which you own the proper license. You, the Customer, accept full responsibility for using The Project for broadcast with your audio and Pixel Preacher is in no way responsible. Videos and other promotional materials can be used only inside your services, events, your website, live stream online or other forms of social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Any content from Pixel Preacher may not be given to, distributed among, or sold commercially. Downloading any Project from Pixel Preacher to be used commercially is strictly prohibited.


Links to access fonts displayed in the Project are provided with each project. The fonts are free to download but might require additional licenses for use. It is your responsibility to read and comply with the licensing agreements provided by the font creator. Pixel Preacher does not include any font files with our projects. You assume responsibility for any dispute associated with fonts you download, including indemnifying and holding harmless Pixel Preacher in the event of any dispute related to downloaded fonts. You agree that Pixel Preacher is not a required or proper party in any legal dispute associated with the use of downloaded fonts.


The music/audio included with the Project is to be used only with this Project. You may not export it as a separate audio file(s). You may use it in different variations of the Project, such as shorter versions, promos, social media posts, and videos with altered text. If you desire to use an extended version of any audio track in the Project, you are responsible for contacting the Composer and purchasing it from the Composer.


The Project includes various assets such as textures, overlays, and backgrounds. You are prohibited from extracting assets from the Project for any reason.


You have the right to alter the Project’s text, timing, colors and textures. Those alterations, however, do not transform the Project into a new, separate project. By way of example only, a series package titled “Holy Spirit” may be altered by changing names, color, and backgrounds, but the Project is still bound under the license you bought for “Holy Spirit.” You cannot distribute the modified Project as a new file for which you claim ownership. Any alterations must be Biblical sound. Blasphemous messages are not allowed to be created within the project.

Retitle Services

You understand that by requesting the Retitle option for a project, Pixel Preacher reserves the right to reject or suggest edits to your requested text. If requested text is too long or misspelled, Pixel Preacher may provide alternate solutions. Pixel Preacher is not responsible for misspelled or grammatical errors that have been submitted by the Customer. Pixel Preacher reserves the right to reject, for any reason or no reason, content you submit. Customers may not request to change the length, colors, textures, and images within a Retitle. Retitles amend the text only.

Turnaround and Rush Fees

The retitling service takes a minimum of 7 days to produce. Pixel Preacher has the right to deny service within those 7 days for retitling. If a retitle request is submitted in less than 7 days, a rush fee will be applied each day up to 2 days of the deadline. Each day within the 7 days will accumulate a 10% fee. For instance, if you request a retitle with a 5-day turn around, a 20% rush fee will be added to the total cost of the project (10% for day 6 + 10% for day 5). The final cost would be, for example, $349 + $79.80(20%) = $428.80. No request will be fulfilled in less than 2 days. Seven days is defined as 168 hours from the time the request was submitted.


Each project comes with a help file in a PDF or video form. We ask that you consult those files for help in editing the Project before you contact Pixel Preacher or Designer. You may also visit pixelpreacher.net/tutorials for additional help with projects. If you still have questions, you may reach out to the Designer. If you have any customer service issues, please reach out to Pixel Preacher at info@pixelpreacher.net.
Have more questions regarding the license? Email us at info@pixelpreacher.net


Refunds may be requested, however, they will be subject to a 4% processing fee. Refunds may not be honored if Pixel Preacher feels the customer has taken advantage of our membership. For example, a Customer purchases a Yearly Membership, downloads the majority of Pixel Preacher’s assets, then requests a refund. In this instance, a refund will not be given.