Book of Romans

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This series package has been designed so that you can customize it to be any book of the Bible you wish. While this version is centered around Romans, you can easily change the title, edit the key verses, and much more. Many churches have series focusing on a particular book and this is the answer to that series.


Video Only Package Includes:
    -Bumper (48sec)
    -Bumper (18secs)
    -10 Minute Countdown
    -Bonus Loop


• Basic Package Includes:
    -Video Only Package Contents
    -All Graphics in JPG/PNG format


• Plus Package Includes:
    -All Basic Package Items
    -Editable Photoshop/After Effects files
    -Video Tutorial
Verse:Romans 6:23
File Size:2.97Gb
Composer:Middle January
Designer:Alex Watson

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