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Package includes all graphics and video as JPEG, PNG and MP4 formats. English and Spanish. Blank slides and Lower Thirds for Teaching media. Editable project files in Photoshop and After Effects. Free font links and a video tutorial. Need help with the editing process? We Can Help!


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The ten commandments set the ground rules for the Israelite people in the Old testament. Moses met with God on Mount Sinai and was given 10 commands for God’s people to follow. While these were given to the people of Israel, they still apply to us today. How so? And how did Jesus change these commandments? The commandments were to: Have no other gods before me, don’t make idols, keep God’s name holy, remember the Sabbath, honor your parents, don’t kill, don’t commit adultery, don’t steal, don’t lie, and don’t envy. Use this editable sermon series template to teach your church the importance of these commandments in the Old Testament, and the importance of them for us today.

  • Video¬†
    • 2K
    • 16:9
    • Short and Long Versions
    • Fully Editable
    • Spanish Versions
  • Graphics¬†
    • 2K
    • 16:9
    • Social Story
    • Social Square
    • Spanish Versions
    • Lower Thirds
    • Fullscreens
    • Fully Editable
  • Photoshop Files
  • After Effects Files
  • Video Tutorials
  • Free Font Links
Verse:Exodus 20
Length:1:13, 0:46
File Size:2.9 GB
Compatibility:CC 2019+
Composer:Matthew Nolan
Designer:Kris Bargen

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