Solid Ground

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A sermon series focusing on building a family on solid ground. A firm foundation in Christ as the center. Families all go through good and hard times. We face trials that can define us. Those are the storms in our lives. But how we come out on the other side defines who we are. It’s important to build your home, your family and your parenting on the solid foundation of Christ, so that when the tides rise and the storm comes, our house is secure. This series also celebrates Father’s Day. Father’s are to to lead their families, serve their spouses and raise their children as God has called us to. Storms will come and winds will blow, but we must be like the wise man who builds his house on solid rock vs. the sand. We must first build our own faith on a firm foundation, then build our family’s as well. Editable Graphics and Video. Editable Graphics and Video.

Illustrations created by the very talented Josiah Goldsmith. A skilled artist who brings a unique aesthetic to illustration and branding. Find his work and hire him here!

verse: Matthew 7:25
length: 1:11, 0:38
file size: 4.86 GB
designer: Alex Watson

Available in Spanish

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