Rescue: Easter

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Package includes all graphics as JPEG and PNG formats. Blank slides and Lower Thirds for Teaching media. Video Bumper and Countdown as MP4. Editable project files in Photoshop and After Effects. Free font links and a video tutorial. Learn moreNeed help with the editing process? We can help!


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Easter reminds us of the incredible and monumental rescue that took place over 2000 years ago. Since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, we have needed the rescuing hand of God to deliver us from evil and sin. This Easter series is to remind us of how God has been rescuing us since the beginning. From David and Goliath, Daniel, Jonah and countless over stories, God’s love for us was ultimately displayed when he sent Jesus Christ to die for us on the cross, only to be risen from the dead so that we may be saved.


Use this Sermon Series package to celebrate the Easter season and remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.


• Video Only Package Includes:
    -Series Bumper V1 (“Easter” ending) (1:42)
    -Series Bumper V2 (Romans 5:8 ending) (1:42)
    -Series Bumper Short (0:42)
    -Spanish Bumper V1 (“Pascua” ending) (1:42)
    -Spanish Bumper V2 (Romanos 5:8 ending) (1:42)
    -Spanish Bumper Short (0:47)
    -15 Minute Countdown


• Basic Package Includes:
    -“Video Only” Package Contents
    -All Graphics, English and Spanish, in JPG/PNG format
    -Graphics include Brand variations, Social Media, Screen templates, and more.


• Plus Package Includes:
    -All Basic Package Items
    -Editable Photoshop/After Effects files
    -Video Tutorial/Free Font Links


•  Graphics Only Package Includes:
    -All Exported Graphics/Blank Slides (JPGs, PNGs)
    -Editable Photoshop Files
    -Video Tutorial/Free Font Links
Verse:Romans 5:8
Length:1:42, 0:47
File Size:4.64GB
Composer:Luna Wave, Moments
Designer:Alex Watson

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