Merry and Bright

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The holidays are one of the best times of the year. And everyone has different reasons why they love the holidays. Maybe it’s the music? Maybe al of the baking and delicious food? It could be Christmas lights and decorations or getting together for various parties? But the reason this time of year is so special is because of the gift of salvation that God sent to us. This series is to bring a festive and nostalgic feel to your Christmas services. To build excitement around the joy and fun of Christmas, while remembering that we celebrate because Jesus came to set us free.


• Video Only Package Includes:
  •     Series Bumper Long Version (:54)
    • Series Bumper Short Version (:31)
  •     15 Minute Countdown
• Basic Package Includes:
  •     “Video Only” Package Contents
  •     All Graphics in JPG/PNG format
  •     Graphics include Brand variations, Social Media, Screen templates, and more.
• Plus Package Includes:
  •     All Basic Package Items
  •     Editable Photoshop/After Effects
  •     Video Tutorial/Free Font Links
•  Graphics Only Package Includes:
  •     All Exported Graphics/Blank Slides (JPGs, PNGs)
  •     Editable Photoshop Files
  •     Video Tutorial/Free Font Links
Verse:John 1:14
Length:0:54, 0:31
File Size:4.33 GB
Compatibility:CC 2012
Composer:Adrian Walther
Designer:Alex Watson

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