Joshua: Strong and Courageous


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One of the great stories in scripture is that of Joshua. Joshua was called by God to lead the Israelite’s to freedom. It’s a story or leadership, courage and faith that we can apply to our lives today. Joshua put his faith in God, that He would guide them in taking new territories, crossing the Jordan River and conquering Jericho. A plan that seemed impossible, Joshua trusted God that he would be victorious. Joshua’s men marched for seven days with the Ark of the Covenant and on the seventh day, they blew their trumpets and the walls came down.

God calls us to be strong, bold and courageous . To trust him in all things, even in the most seemingly impossible times of our lives. This series is meant to challenge your congregation in their own lives. Where do they need to be courageous? In their family? With their work? In their marriage? God can do the impossible if we put our faith in Him.


verse: Joshua 1:7
length: 1:05
file size: 839MBs
designer: Alex Watson

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