Home for Christmas


Included Package Content:

This year has been difficult. We are all tired, beaten, and some completely broken. We mourn with those who mourn and celebrate with those who celebrate. The beautiful thing about the Gospel is that no matter your current state, Jesus welcomes us home. He provides shelter from the storms and a place for the weary to rest. His birth over 2000 years ago was God’s gift of joy and peace. Whether you are worshipping together or at home, this series is to invite a comforting and peaceful spirit to the season. Inspired by the Hymn, Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling. Countdowns and title graphics included! Blank loops for you to create multiple versions also included!


verse: Matthew 11:28-30
length: 1:44
file size: 2.58GB
designer: Pedro Oliveira

Available in Spanish

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